Classic footage featuring 1937 Mercedes W125

This clip found on youtube was originally filmed in 1962 and features the 1937 Mercedes-Benz W125. One of the most famous of the early Grand Prix cars, it had a supercharged straight 8 cylinder producing around 600bhp. Apart from the wonderful car, being driven by Hermann Lang, what makes this clip so good is the […]

1967 German Grand Prix – part 3

This is the final piece of footage from the 1967 German Grand Prix I’ll be posting and I have saved the best for last. There are so many highlights, but to name a few check out Denny Hulme getting airborne at Flugplatz and I liked the refuelling method in the pits, very casual! The track […]

1967 German Grand Prix – part 2

The second clip I am featuring of the 1967 German Grand Prix features just under 4 minutes of footage shot during a practice session from a chase car following Hubert Hanhe in a BMW powered Lola. It is a typical 1960s clip with an upbeat soundtrack and a classic English voiceover. Perhaps my favourite quote […]