Another look at the 1967 German Grand Prix

Way back when AUSringers started we featured some clips on the 1967 German Grand Prix. Let’s take another look at that race in this six-minute video that really takes us back to a time when the track was barely recognisable as the Nordschleife we know and cherish today. Also unrecognisable is a podium featuring an […]

The Nürburgring as it looked in 1967

Here’s a real treat for Nürburgring fans. It’s the Nordschleife as it looked in 1967. That’s 47 years ago now and already the track was 40 years old when these photos were taken. According to a thread on reddit, where these popped up, the photos were taken by a guy named Jack Moody was was […]

1967 German Grand Prix – part 3

This is the final piece of footage from the 1967 German Grand Prix I’ll be posting and I have saved the best for last. There are so many highlights, but to name a few check out Denny Hulme getting airborne at Flugplatz and I liked the refuelling method in the pits, very casual! The track […]

1967 German Grand Prix – part 2

The second clip I am featuring of the 1967 German Grand Prix features just under 4 minutes of footage shot during a practice session from a chase car following Hubert Hanhe in a BMW powered Lola. It is a typical 1960s clip with an upbeat soundtrack and a classic English voiceover. Perhaps my favourite quote […]