Osborne Motorsports – Friday-Sunday update

After the last update it was all happy smiles at Osborne Motorsports as their car, after arriving in Germany over a day late, had been rushed to the track in time for the race. The first qualifying session had been run and Stu had great confidence in the car and was looking forward to more […]

Pictures from the Osborne Motorsports pit

While the final result may not have been what the Osborne Motorsports team wanted, they actually did a bloody good job considering the adversity they faced prior to and during the event. Here are a few images from the crew from Saturday. See if you can spot the AUSringers.com sticker.

Osborne Motorsports – Monday-Thursday update

That row of pics above may look innocent enough, but I can tell you they almost didn’t happen. Since the Osborne Motorsports team arrived in Germany to take part in the Nürburgring 24 hour race I have had a couple of phone calls with driver Stu Jones and the first call went a little something […]

Osborne Motorsports – Team update

Osborne Motorsports team driver Stu Jones has been in touch to give a travel update as the lads get ready to depart for their journey to the Nürburgring for the 24 hour race. The race will take place next weekend and the team will be flying out to Frankfurt tomorrow afternoon. They will arrive early […]

Osborne Motorsports heading to the Nürburgring

Colin Osborne, current CAMS president, and keen racer in his own right, has just packed up his trusty Osborne Motorsports Toyota Corolla to the brim and sent it off to Germany for the 36th Nürburgring 24 hour race, to be held over the weekend of 22–25 May 2008. He was kind enough to spend a […]