VIDEO: Nordschleife wet lap guide for FWDs

Have you got a front-wheel drive car and don’t know the best lines to take on a wet Nürburgring Nordschelife? If so, Dale Lomas is your friend. Check out his video below, filmed onboard in his new Seat Leon ST Cupra wagon, explaining where the grip is, just as importantly, where the grip isn’t. If […]

VIDEO: VLN6 highlights from Rent4Ring

Dale Lomas, wearing his Rent4Ring hat, brought our attention to these highlights from the VLN race last month. And the Nürburgring is alive this weekend with the seventh VLN race out of 10 this year. To see what you’re missing out on take the jump and strap yourself in for a hairy ride! For a […]

How important is manufacturer testing at the Nordschleife?

This is a question Dale Lomas from RSR Nürburg asked himself on his BridgeToGantry website. It’s a great read. I’ve included a small extract below: “But the importance of this 20.8 kilometre tarmac rollercoaster (whose infield section alone contains four complete villages and a population of nearly 2500) runs deeper than it being a summer […]

Drifting around the Grand Prix track

This clip is straight from the ‘lucky bastard’ category. As a resident of Nürburg and Nordschleife instructor, Dale Lomas from RSR Nürburg already lives a life that would make many envious. But recently he has been adding to his daily ‘chores’ by assisting Nissan’s GT Academy with their duties. Bastard, haha! Source:

Right hand drive Ring rentals now available

Good news for Aussies heading over to the Nürburgring Nordschleife with RSR Nürburg now having right-hand drive rentals available. Great news if you have little experience in left-hand drive cars. As seen on the website, RSR Nürburg has two Renaultsport Clio Cups ready for a good Ring thrashing. RSR describes the Clio accordingly, “2008 […]