Adenauer Forst dorifto

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Adenauer Forst is a very tricky corner. After having the size of your balls tested on the flat-if-you-dare downhill run into Fuchsröhre the last thing you need is a sharp left to make sure you are still paying attention. It’s a classic trap for first timers and seeing people get it wrong here is quite […]

There’s no business like snow business

Some people have all the fun. And driving a Nissan GT-R around a snow covered Nordschleife sure looks like fun. This really is a thousand miles away from my world at the moment, here in Australia the temps are hovering around 35°C. Ironically, this clip runs for almost the exact time of the GT-R’s famed […]

The Eifel in winter

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Whenever I see snow at the Ring on the webcam it always reminds me of this video. It’s one of my most favourite clips from the Nürburgring. The Nordschleife to yourself. A Porsche 911 Carrera at your disposal. Could life get any better?! (The snow drifting starts about 1 minute into the clip.)

Drifting with Dale

Hope you enjoy this footage of Dale Lomas of and RSR Nürburg fame taking one of RSR’s Alfa 75 rentals for a full lap of a very wet Nürburgring. I give my highest points for his efforts through Adenauer Forst and the right-hander at Pflantzgarten, but deduct a few for not attempting to drfit […]