Is the McLaren P1 the new Ring-daddy after all?

If you’ve been following our coverage of the McLaren P1 and its mystery Nürburgring lap time over at AUSmotive you’ll probably be over it just like we were. And yet, thanks to Steve Sutcliffe’s review of the P1 for Autocar an unofficial ballpark time has emerged and breathed new life into the ongoing speculation. It’s […]

Rumour: McLaren P1 laps the Ring in 7:04

A couple of weeks ago a McLaren P1 was seen circulating around the Nordschleife with a film crew in tow. The interwebz is now suggesting the P1 lapped the Ring in a very fast 7 minutes 4 seconds. Of course, a 7:04 lap time is bloody quick, but it’s not the sub-7 minute time Ron […]