BMW Ring-Taxi in rookie Brünnchen fail

Looking at the image above there’s only one way this BMW Ring-Taxi ride is going to end. And it’s not pretty. To be fair BMW has experiences worse crashes at the Nürburgring with its famed Ring-Taxi, but this one stands out because it looks a bit like a rookie error. The accident happened on the […]

BMW Ring-Taxi gets unplanned crash test

A few days ago this was the site on the Nürburgring after the BMW Ring-Taxi bit the dust after some heavy impact just after the Karussell. We’ve not come across any reports of serious injury or an explanation of what happened in the moments leading up to the accident. Reports suggest the Ring-Taxi could have […]

BMW M5 Ring-Taxi close to return

The short reign of the BMW M3 as the company’s Ring-Taxi of choice is officially over. Currently in between seasons, when the Ring-Taxi returns the new F10 M5 will take over, as shown above out testing in traditional Ring-Taxi livery. For now no dates or prices have been announced, but if you feed your email […]

BMW Ring-Taxi involved in TF crash

If ever you needed a reminder that the Nürburgring can bite then this pic is it. According to a German Police report eight cars were involved in this accident which included a BMW Ring-Taxi and a hired Corvette. The incident happened near the Bergwerk section of the track and the damage bill is reported to […]

BMW M5 Ring-Taxi to return in 2012

Last night on the Nürburgring webcams I noticed a group of BMWs at the TF gates. Turns out it was an ‘M Festival’ promo event announcing plans to return the new BMW M5 to Ring-Taxi duties in 2012. Currently the M3 sedan is being used for Ring-Taxi rides, filling the void between the end of […]

BMW M3 Sedan confirmed as Ring-Taxi

As we expected back in March, BMW has confirmed they will be using the M3 Sedan for Ring-Taxi duties. It’s proved to be a popular choice as well with the official Ring-Taxi website currently indicating there are no tickets available.

BMW Ring-Taxi will go ahead with M3

Fears the BMW Ring-Taxi was a thing of the past have been put to rest with news the company will return to the Nürburgring in 2011. However, instead of using the familiar V10-powered M5 they will be using the lighter V8-powered M3. This probably makes some sense as the M5 is nearing the end of […]