Has the BMW Ring-Taxi has delivered its last fare?

The BMW Ring-Taxi is one of the icons of the Nürburgring. It has helped launch Sabine Schmitz into the media spotlight, as well as delivering thousands of kilometers of happiness to its customers. And now it looks like the ride is over. BMW contracted out the management of the Ring-Taxi to a company called OK […]

BMW M5 Ringtaxi

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BMW tv have just released a new promo for their M5 Ringtaxi. This is the gig that helped launch Sabine Schmitz into the blogosphere as probably the world’s most famous female cabby. For a closer look from inside the cabin, take a look at the previous AUSringers post from June this year. For more information […]

BMW Ring-Taxi from the passenger’s seat

Thanks to AUSringers reader Ryan for sending in this clip of his BMW Ring-Taxi experience. Ryan and his wife, in Europe on their honeymoon, were lucky enough to have Sabine Schmitz as their tour guide. You’ll have to forgive Ryan’s camera work, as I’m sure you can imagine holding the camera still while Sabine exploits […]