There’s no business like snow business

Some people have all the fun. And driving a Nissan GT-R around a snow covered Nordschleife sure looks like fun. This really is a thousand miles away from my world at the moment, here in Australia the temps are hovering around 35°C. Ironically, this clip runs for almost the exact time of the GT-R’s famed […]

The Eifel in winter

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Whenever I see snow at the Ring on the webcam it always reminds me of this video. It’s one of my most favourite clips from the Nürburgring. The Nordschleife to yourself. A Porsche 911 Carrera at your disposal. Could life get any better?! (The snow drifting starts about 1 minute into the clip.)

Snow forces temporary closure of Nordschleife

Those who tend to keep an eye on the Nürburgring webcam will have noticed a bit of snow over the last few days. According to a post by Dale Lomas on the Ringers forum the Nordschleife has been closed until the snow clears. Above is a photo taken from the webcam logs on Jules Perry’s […]

More snow at the Nordschleife

After about a month of clear weather, the Nürburgring Nordschleife is again under a blanket of fresh snow. The image to the left was just captured off the Nürburgring webcam (Jules Perry version), and you can clearly see the snow falling. However, what prompted me to write this piece was stumbling across some lovely pictures […]

Snow on the Nordschleife

As I write this post there is snow on the Nordschleife. Bad news if you were hoping to catch a few laps on a Touristenfahrten day, but if you did happen to have a spare 911 Carrera lying around, and you had access to the track, well, you’d probably quite enjoy yourself I imagine!