1967 German Grand Prix – part 2

The second clip I am featuring of the 1967 German Grand Prix features just under 4 minutes of footage shot during a practice session from a chase car following Hubert Hanhe in a BMW powered Lola. It is a typical 1960s clip with an upbeat soundtrack and a classic English voiceover. Perhaps my favourite quote is at the entry to Ex Muhle when the narrator says, “…down the dip, over the bridge, and up again. It’s hairy alright!”

Hahne’s biggest claim to fame came a year earlier, in 1966, when he was the first person to drive a touring car around the Nordschleife in under 10 minutes. When you consider that in the 1967 GP the lead cars were lapping around the low 8 minute mark (see part 3) that really puts Hahne’s touring car time into perspective.