Nürburgring offered a new lease of life

Ring Werk complex

There have been some dramatic developments concerning the management of the Nürburgring in recent days that will literally give the Ring a new lease of life. This shapes as promising news for Save the Ring campaigners.

The contract to manage the state-owned Nürburgring and its facilities has been cancelled. This ends the controversial reign of the privately owned Nürburgring Automotive GmbH and the names Lindner and Richter can, hopefully, be consigned to the history books.

While the decision to terminate NAG’s management is welcome news, the immediate future is not totally clear. There’s the likelihood of court cases which could get messy. It’s unlikely Lindner and Richter will go quietly.

Taking a longer term view, however, the picture should be much brighter. A new management lease is expected to be sought and assuming the same mistakes are not repeated there is now new hope that the future of the Nürburgring will be assured for true ‘Ringers’ and not for shareholders.

Although, speaking to Jalopnik, Save the Ring spokesman Mike Frison makes a salient point, “The Nürburgring is public ownership and should be treated as such: operated for the public and motorsports. A new private operator would again look to fill his pockets.”

UPDATE: Pistonheads has a bit more background on this story.