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Be careful out there!

Monday, September 8th, 2014

MINI TF crash, September 2014

Here’s a stark reminder of the dangers of driving your own car on the Nürburgring, especially when the track is wet. This MINI driver didn’t do anything particularly bad, from what we can tell anyway, but the consequences were severe.

Based on the description from the YouTube clip we understand the passenger was taken to hospital. We hope he/she makes a full and speedy recovery and that the financial damage for the driver/owner can be overcome without too much difficulty.

The Nordschleife can bite hard, treat it with respect.


BMW Ring-Taxi in rookie Brünnchen fail

Monday, August 4th, 2014

BMW Ring-Taxi crash, Nurburgring, August 2014

Looking at the image above there’s only one way this BMW Ring-Taxi ride is going to end. And it’s not pretty. To be fair BMW has experiences worse crashes at the Nürburgring with its famed Ring-Taxi, but this one stands out because it looks a bit like a rookie error.

The accident happened on the exit of Brünnchen; driver goes wide to the left of track on exit, gets some oversteer and then ends up shooting across the track and into the barrier on the right hand side. We’ve seen it time and time again. Unless there was some oil or fluids on the circuit you just wouldn’t expect one of BMW’s usually very adept drivers to make a mistake like that.

Thankfully, it appears as though nobody was seriously hurt in the incident. Although the driver’s pride and bank balance may have taken a blow.

Bridge to Gantry has asked the question: “What made the Ring-Taxi crash?”

[Thanks to Stu for the tip]


Renault Megane RS 275 sets new FWD record

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy R

Ever since the Seat Leon Cupra 280 knocked off the Megane RS 265 as the fastest production-based front-wheel drive car around the Nordschleife it was only a matter of time until Renault fought back. And now that time has come, with thanks to the Megane RS 275 Trophy R.

A distinction needs to be made here, it’s the Trophy R model which set the record and not the more sedate Trophy. The R is a track-focused two-seat version of the company’s hero hot hatch tipping the scales at 1297kg and has 275hp to play with. So let’s see how it goes shall we!

The new FWD mark is 7 minutes 54.36 seconds, or four seconds faster than the Seat. Video of the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy R can be seen below.


Watch the fastest lap of the 2013 N24h

Monday, June 16th, 2014

BMW at the 2013 Nurburgring 24 hour race

Now that that other 24 hour race is out of the way it’s time to focus on the world’s best endurance race, which takes place this weekend. Last year the undoubted star was Maxime Martin. Despite not winning the race the Belgian’s thrilling driving provided some of the best highlights.

After the break you can ride a full lap of the Nordschleife with Martin. And not just any lap, it was the fastest lap recorded from last year’s Nürburgring 24 hour race.


This Porsche handles like a tractor!

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Walter Rohrl aboard the Porsche Junior

This video is old, but we’re not sure how me missed it. Back in 2012 Auto Bild helped to coordinate the restoration of this Porsche Junior, the company’s modest 14hp tractor originally built between 1952 and 1963.

The finished product was auctioned off for charity and to help promote the auction Auto Bild secured the services of legendary Walter Röhrl to gain some attention. They sent the Porsche factory tester out on a lap of the Nordschleife to claim a new record: the slowest lap ever completed.

It all looks like it would have been a lot of fun, even at the Junior’s meager top speed of just 20km/h.


2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo laps Ring in 7:08

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo

Nissan racing driver Michael Krumm joins us on this video to talk us through his very impressive lap of the Nordschleife in the 2014 GT-R Nismo. We first got wind of a likely new lap record for the GT-R last month.

It’s always good to have the proof to support the hype. As always, the GT-R doesn’t shy away from the hype and with a verified lap time of 7:08.679 why should it?!

Fitted with “track options”, which includes tailored tuning of the aerodynamics and suspension as well as weight reduction, Nissan is claiming the lap time as the world’s fastest volume production car around the Nürburgring.


Alfa Romeo 4C laps Ring in 8:04

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo is the latest manufacturer to start boasting about Nürburgring lap times. This video shows the sexy 4C lapping the Nordschleife in 8 minutes 4 seconds.

Horst von Saurma was the man at the wheel and Alfa Romeo is claiming this time as a record. We’re not sure how or why, but they’ll find a way to justify it. Let’s face it, these lap times are nothing more than dick waving marketing exercises anyway.

To be clear, a low 8 minutes time is very fast. But we’d kind of like to think that a 177kW mid-engined rear-wheel drive sportscar with a dry weight of just 895kg might be quite a bit quicker than a front-wheel drive hatchback, but maybe that’s just us.

[Thanks to Craig for the tip]


Chevrolet Camaro Z28 laps Ring in 7:37

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The Americans are again keen to prove they have discovered corners by continuing to test their automotive products at the Nürburgring. And it turns out they’re getting quite good at making cars handle well, as this video from Chevrolet shows.

The 2014 Camaro Z28 has lapped the Nordshcleife in 7:37.47 and we have the visual evidence to prove it. There’s one or two loose moments and with rain beginning to fall late in the lap driver, Adam Dean, took a very ginger approach through Galgenkopf, leading onto the Döttinger Höhe straight. Indeed, Chevrolet is keen to highlight their claim that Dean cold have gone as much as six seconds faster if the conditions were dry for the full lap.

Powered by a 376kW 7.0 litre LS7 V8 the Z28 sounds fantastic, of course, although the audio in this video is sounds a little artificial to our ears. Have a look and see what you think.


Onboard with Derek Bell and the Porsche 956.007

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Derek Bell drives the Porsche 956 at the Nurburgring

Finally, we have some onboard footage of Derek Bell driving Stefan Bellof’s Porsche 956.007 around the Nordschleife. It joins the excellent clip from earlier this month showing the equally likeable Hans-Joachim Stuck driving the same car.

After the break you can ride with Bell on a bridge to gantry lap of the Ring. It’s a comparatively sedate ride, although Bell still gets around at a pretty respectable pace. Your day will be better for watching this!


Porsche 918 Spyder breaks 7 minute barrier

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package

Last week Porsche took a pair of production-spec 918 Spyders to the Nürburgring and created history. The 887hp/652kW petrol electric hybrid has just been officially launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show and Porsche used the occassion to announce the 918’s Nordschleife lap time.

Factory racing driver Marc Lieb was at the wheel of a 918 Spyder ‘Weissach Package’ for the record time and lapped the Ring in 6 minutes 57 seconds. Proving the record was no fluke fellow Porsche drivers Timo Kluck and the legendary Walter Röhrl also lapped in less than 7 minutes.

Previously, a prototype 918 had lapped the Ring in 7 minutes 14 seconds. The new mark is, according to Porsche, the fastest time ever for a production-based car homologated for road use.

UPDATE: Onboard video of Lieb’s full 6:57 lap has been added below.


Holden VF SSV ute claims Nürburgring record

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Holden VF SSV ute at the Nurburgring

When we first saw pics of the Holden VF ute circulating at the Nürbugring we sensed it was little more than a marketing gimmick. And it looks as though we were right. With the VF SSV Redline ute Holden is claiming the title of the world’s fastest utlility vehicle at the Ring, a title which, until now, never existed.

Holden test driver Rob Trubiani was at the wheel during an industry pool test day and posted a lap time of 8:19.47, around 11 seconds better than their 8:30 target time. Holden says the car is a “product-correct engineering test vehicle” with its speed limiter removed and increased negative camber at the front wheels.

You can expect to see and hear a lot more about this lap when the VF ute goes on sale. For now there’s a decent gallery of pics and four videos for you to watch.

The main video shows the full lap with commentary from Trubiani, it’s actually quite a decent effort we have to say. Despite Trubiani’s claims that the ute’s electric power steering is the duck’s guts, to our untrained eye it looks a touch light and requires too much turn to reach full lock.


Formula Ford EcoBoost: A racing car for the road!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Chris Harris drives the Formula Ford EcoBoost

Imagine this, you’re about to tackle the Nürburgring in a car powered by a 1.0 litre three cylinder engine. Hardly seems worth getting worried about. How fast can it be? In the hands of Nick Tandy last year it lapped the Ring in 7 minutes 22 seconds.

That was with 200hp on tap. After the break you can watch Chris Harris tweet, fart and whistle his way around the Nordschleife with 170hp at his disposal.

[Thanks to Tiaan for the tip]