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Holden VF SSV ute claims Nürburgring record

When we first saw pics of the Holden VF ute circulating at the Nürbugring we sensed it was little more than a marketing gimmick. And it looks as though we were right. With the VF SSV Redline ute Holden is claiming the title of the world’s fastest utlility vehicle at the Ring, a title which, […]

Holden VF Commodure ute on the Nordschleife

While we welcome the news that Mal Rose will be making his way to the Nürburgring again for the 24 hour race next month we’re a little sad that he won’t have his V8 Commodore in circulation. That means fans of Aussie V8s will have to make do with this spy shot of the new […]

Hyundai building Nürburgring test center

Hyundai brings a positive sign for the longer term future of the Nordschleife with word they are building their own Nürburgring test center. Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, says the goal is to improve the overall reliability and driving dynamics of their vehicles. “The new Hyundai test centre at […]

Nürburgring industry pool comes alive

With concerns over the future of the Industry Pool at the Nürburgring settled last year, it’s great to see an assortment of exotic machinery circulating in the name of ongoing development. Thanks to Bridge to Gantry you can enjoy a selection of six cylinder engines as well as an appearance from a V8, a V10 […]

McLaren MP4-12C crashes out during industry pool

Word on the street, via Bridge to Gantry, says the McLaren MP4-12C had a bit of an off at the end of an industry pool testing day last week. Apparently the 12C went out at the end of the session, with the track to itself and a TV crew in chopper chasing overhead, indicating a […]

BMW M3 ute: What the (green) hell!

Awesome has a new definition. And that comes in the form of this BMW M3 ute prototype lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Maybe BMW has taken inspiration from the equally awesome E39 M5 ute conversion by Australia’s own Stuart Appleby (yes, the pro golfer). Maybe it’s a crazy April Fool’s Day stunt in the making? Or […]

Positive news on the industry pool from Nürburgring GmbH

A modest tweet from the official Nürburgring GmbH account indicates a satisfactory resolution has been reached in regards to the manufacturer’s industry test pool. Translated to English the tweet reads: “Nürburgring GmbH and automotive industry pool reach agreement over the next 3 years.” Fears were raised about the future of the industry test pool, featuring […]