Snow on the Nordschleife

Porsche 911 Carrera

As I write this post there is snow on the Nordschleife. Bad news if you were hoping to catch a few laps on a Touristenfahrten day, but if you did happen to have a spare 911 Carrera lying around, and you had access to the track, well, you’d probably quite enjoy yourself I imagine!

The clip below features some really cool footage, starting off with Walter Röhrl on a dry track in a GT3, followed up by a 996 911 Carrera power sliding on a snow covered Nordschleife. The car control displayed is truly sublime! Not sure who the driver is in the red Carrera, I think it might be the dude from Sabine’s DMotor show? Any tips or confirmation will be welcomed.

Thanks to Lee from Sydney for the YouTube clip.