Snow forces temporary closure of Nordschleife

Snow at the TF gates

Those who tend to keep an eye on the Nürburgring webcam will have noticed a bit of snow over the last few days. According to a post by Dale Lomas on the Ringers forum the Nordschleife has been closed until the snow clears. Above is a photo taken from the webcam logs on Jules Perry’s site just a few minutes ago and it looks like someone has been keeping their message written on the ground in pretty good condition, as it has been there for a couple of days now. Any idea what it means?

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Edit: Big thanks to Jochen, via the Ringers forum (and also of frozenspeed fame), who has quickly informed me the text on the image above reads “TOURIS 4EVER”. Touris is German slang for Touristenfahrten (tourist trips), the official name for public open days. Thanks mate!