Corvette ZR-1 takes 4 seconds off Nürburgring lap time

Corvette ZR-1

Claims of near record setting lap times by the Corvette ZR-1 have recently surfaced, with claims the ZR-1 has just posted a best Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time of 7:22.4. Previously, the ZR-1 lapped the Ring in 7:26.4 with Jim Mero at the wheel. Now, Danish ace Jan Magnussen has dropped the time by some margin, although, crucially, still 0.3 seconds slower than the time claimed by the Dodge ACR (7:22.1).

Somewhat amazingly, the Americans are still showing a clean pair of heels to the Germans (Porsche GT2, 7:32) and the Japanese (Nissan GT-R, 7:29). The Germans must be wondering how long it will take themselves to realign the Nürburgring planets.

Source: Motor Gears via autoblog